3 de abril de 2015

Book Launch of Anti-Energetic Rubbish

New book from Author Kátia Arakaki on Anti-energetic Rubbish techniques

Editor: Alexandre Pereira

On January 14th, after the Mentalsomatic Circle, the book Anti-energetic Rubbish, by Katia Arakaki, was launched. The Portal of Conscientiology interviewed her about the new book.

Where did the idea of a book about Anti-Energetic Rubbish come from?

The idea of writing a book came to help people understand more about this conscientiological concept and to provide techniques and some criteria to get rid of some rubbish and live better.

What is your personal relation with the topic?

For me this is an innate idea. I was born in a family that accumulates things and since I was little I had this notion to understand that we didn´t need so many things and that objects ended up disturbing the place. When I got to Conscientiology I understood what hoarding was, the situation of energies in people who have more parapsychic sensitivity and I started putting these anti-energetic rubbish techniques into practice.

The book aims to help people who want to get rid of stuff, or is it for anyone?

It is for anyone because who doesn´t have this difficulty can help people those who do to get rid of stuff. The thing of anti-rubbish comes in layers so there isn´t a total anti-rubbish person. This is for the Serenissimus and the consciousness that is already very evolved for that. In general, we still have much work to do in this consumerist society, influenced by the US, and in which we normally buy more.

What is a final message for those interested in the topic?

People who want to have a more optimized environment at home, to get more evolutionary production, develop more parapsychism and energies in favor of assistance, give attention to this anti-stuff posture because this can make all the difference in their lives, as it did in mine.


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Photo album of the launch – link


* By Alexandre Pereira.

* Translated by João Nascimento, revised by Jeffrey Lloyd.

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